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Think New!         Faster.... Lighter.... Smarter....

"If I'd asked my customers what they wanted, they'd have said - A faster horse."      /Henry Ford

Magnetal bearings - Think New - Henry Ford

Magnetal’s unique Electrodynamic Bearing enables new possibilities that traditional bearings never can reach.

There have been numerous projects failing, due to lack of basic characteristics in traditional bearing technology, therefore many application designers assume that things are not possible. Furthermore, many application designers, base their work on traditional conventions based on abilities in traditional bearing.

The characteristics in our bearing technology provide new opportunities and challenge traditional application designs and thereby enable a shift in, not only what, but also how you can design applications.

Magnetal’s Electrodynamic Bearing technology enables extreme high speed rotation with an outstanding lifetime. This makes it, for the first time possible to design commercial solutions in several application areas.

Magnetal don't only offer a faster horse - we enable a paradigm shift in application design that enables new product markets.

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